The 1st Leisure Park in Ireland to have a Sensory Room!

Proudly announcing the newest attraction to the full range of entertainment and activities we have available here at Drogheda Leisure Park.

We’re always wanting to offer our customers something fun, new and exciting; for both kids and adults, so…
We think we may have found the perfect thing and it comes in the form of a Multi-Sensory Room.


The development of sensory rooms began in the Netherlands in the 70’s. The initial idea was to deliver stimulation to the various senses, both to relax and calm, while engaging or prompting the user to take notice of his or her surroundings.

Sensory rooms were typically a non-directive therapy (i.e. the user was not told or shown what to do but encouraged to have a natural response to the environment). Sensory rooms also allowed communication with non-verbal users, giving the caretaker new knowledge of the user’s awareness.

Drogheda Leisure Park Sensory Room will open on the 7th November 2016.

All sessions within the Sensory Room must be pre-booked

To Book the Sensory Room please call 041 987 7707

Walk in’s (open session) Mixed uses, Max of 6 guests at any one time – €10 per person (Carers – Free)

Exclusive hire per hour – €35

T’s and C’s Apply